Family owned and operated since 1950, Ideal is more than just a housing complex.

Natural gas service 

Curbside garbage and recycling

Direct mail delivery

Community snow removal and salting equipment

Incredible location

Full-time maintenance staff

Experienced on-site management

City water and sewerage


An exceptional value at an amazing location.

Just 25 miles from New York City, Woodbridge Township - the Crossroads of New Jersey - provides easy access to to shopping, dining and recreational opportunities throughout the region. 

Our community is within walking distance to a dry cleaner, Italian deli, post office, liquor store, pharmacy and a Dunkin Donuts. 



Factory built housing offers quality and affordability.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your “housing dollar,” you need to consider a manufactured home at Ideal. While the average  price of a conventional house in our area is over $250,000, you can own a manufactured home home in our community for less than $90,000!

A manufactured home is constructed entirely in a controlled factory environment, built to the federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (better known as the HUD Code). Starting in 1976, the HUD Code established a stringent series of construction and safety standards that ensure that today’s manufactured homes are superior to “mobile homes,” the term used for factory-built homes produced prior to the introduction of the HUD Code.  Today’s manufactured homes are indistinguishable from conventional housing.

There are major benefits to having your home built in a factory:

  • All aspects of the construction process are quality controlled.
  • The weather doesn’t interfere with construction, cause costly delays and warp or damage building materials.
  • All technicians, craftsmen and assemblers are on the same team and professionally supervised.
  • Inventory is better controlled and materials are protected from theft and weather-related damage.
  • All construction materials, as well as interior features and appliances, are purchased in volume for additional savings.
  • All aspects of construction are continually inspected by not one, but several, inspectors.